An observer design for the flux of line start permanent magnet synchronous motors


  • Hoang-Giang Vu Electric Power University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering 235 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Hanoi City



demagnetization, line start permanent magnet synchronous motor, nonlinear observer; parameter identification,, permanent magnet flux


The permanent magnet flux is an important model parameter that determines the operation of the line start permanent magnet synchronous motor. It is degraded with operating time due to the permanent magnet demagnetization which is principally caused by the armature magnetic field interaction and operating temperature. This paper introduces an observer design study aimed at estimating the permanent magnet flux of the line start permanent magnet synchronous motor from the measurement of stator currents. Derived from the mathematical description in the dq0 reference frame, a model of the motor with state variables of stator currents, magnetic fluxes and rotor angular frequency is considered. Model analysis and with a new flux variable setting allow an estimation of the rotor flux through the open loops from the stator currents. The observer is then designed with a constant gain for the system with states of stator currents and permanent magnet flux. Simulation confirms the efficiency and robustness of the designed observer.






Case Studies