An Optimal Virtual Machine Placement Method in Cloud Computing Environment


  • Ashalatha Ramegowda Faculty, Department of Computer Science Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi Karnataka, India



Cloud computing, Virtualization, Stochastic modeling, Energy efficiency, Cloud service provider, Resource optimization


Cloud computing is formally known as an Internet-centered computing technique used for computing purposes in the cloud network. It must compute on a system where an application may simultaneously run on many connected computers. Cloud computing uses computing resources to achieve the efficiency of data centres using the virtualization concept in the cloud. The load balancers consistently allocate the workloads to all the virtual machines in the cloud to avoid an overload situation. The virtualization process implements the instances from the physical state machines to fully utilize servers. Then the dynamic data centres encompass a stochastic modelling approach for resource optimization for high performance in a cloud computing environment. This paper defines the virtualization process for obtaining energy productivity in cloud data centres. The algorithm proposed involves a stochastic modelling approach in cloud data centres for resource optimization. The load balancing method is applied in the cloud data centres to obtain the appropriate efficiency.




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A. RAMEGOWDA, “An Optimal Virtual Machine Placement Method in Cloud Computing Environment”, IJECES, vol. 13, no. 7, pp. 577-586, Sep. 2022.



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