Sum Rate Maximization and Consistency in D2D Communication Based on ACO and Game Theory


  • Amel Austine Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education, Tamil Nadu
  • Suji Pramila R Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Mar Baselios Institute of Technology and Science, Kerala, India



Cellular Network, D2D Communication, Interference Management, ACO, Game Theory research exchange


Cellular network is the most popular network setup among today’s wireless communication systems. The primary resource in a cellular system is the spectrum for communication, and owing to the rising number of cellular users, the spectrum that is currently accessible from different service providers is depleting quickly. The resource or channel allocation is the most hindering task in cellular networks. Many efforts have been taken by many researchers to allocate the resources properly in order to increase the channel utilization and it is found that one effective method for reusing the channels inside a cell is device to device (D2D) communication. D2D communication was first developed in order to achieve the fundamental goals of fast data rates, widespread coverage with little latency, energy efficiency, and low per-information transmission costs. The dynamic behaviour of this network set-up again increases the risk of different types of interferences, which is another issue faced by the researchers. In this paper an effort is taken to understand and solve various aspects of channel allocation and Cellular networks have incorporated interference management in D2D communication especially. The two major issues of allocation of resource and management of interference in D2D communication is addressed here. This paper considers the meta heuristic algorithm namely Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) for resource allocation issue and interference management. The sum rate maximization is achieved through Game theory along with the concept of resource exchange in turn to increase the consistency of D2D communication setup. The results demonstrate that our algorithm can significantly increase the sum rate of D2D pairs when compared to other algorithms suggested by related works.




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A. Austine and S. P. R, “Sum Rate Maximization and Consistency in D2D Communication Based on ACO and Game Theory ”, IJECES, vol. 14, no. 7, pp. 743-751, Sep. 2023.



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