Intelligent and secure real-time auto-stop car system using deep-learning models


  • Hiba Ali Department of Control and System Engineering University of Technology-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Mohammed A. Noaman Al-hayanni Department of Electrical Engineering University of Technology-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Muayad Sadik Croock Department of Control and System Engineering University of Technology-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq



CNN, Emotional Recognition, Person Face Recognition, Classification, Dataset


In this study, we introduce an innovative auto-stop car system empowered by deep learning technology, specifically employing two Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for face recognition and travel drowsiness detection. Implemented on a Raspberry Pi 4, our system is designed to cater exclusively to certified drivers, ensuring enhanced safety through intelligent features. The face recognition CNN model accurately identifies authorized drivers, employing deep learning techniques to verify their identity before granting access to vehicle functions. This first model demonstrates a remarkable accuracy rate of 99.1%, surpassing existing solutions in secure driver authentication. Simultaneously, our second CNN focuses on real-time detecting+ of driver drowsiness, monitoring eye movements, and utilizing a touch sensor on the steering wheel. Upon detecting signs of drowsiness, the system issues an immediate alert through a speaker, initiating an emergency park and sending a distress message via Global Positioning System (GPS). The successful implementation of our proposed system on the Raspberry Pi 4, integrated with a real-time monitoring camera, attains an impressive accuracy of 99.1% for both deep learning models. This performance surpasses current industry benchmarks, showcasing the efficacy and reliability of our solution. Our auto-stop car system advances user convenience and establishes unparalleled safety standards, marking a significant stride in autonomous vehicle technology.






Original Scientific Papers