Rules-Based System for Writing Arabic Numerals in Indonesian Words


  • F.X. Wisnu Yudo Untoro Wijaya Kusuma University Surabaya, Faculty of Engineering, Informatics Engineering Study Program Jl. Dukuh Kupang XXV / 54, Surabaya 60225, East Java, Indonesia.



natural intelligence, rules-based system, Borland C 5.02


One of the algorithms stored in natural intelligence is the writing of Arabic numerals in Indonesian words. Algorithms in naturals intelligence are not easy to find. This problem gave us an idea to create artificial intelligence that tries to mimic natural intelligence algorithms. The proposed algorithm for building artificial intelligence is an R-Z rule-based system. This rule-based system contains a knowledge base of R-Z rules and a knowledge base of facts. In the knowledge base, the R-Z rule provides the R rule and the Z rule, while the facts knowledge base provides facts in the form of a definite standard number and an affix word. R-Z rule-based system for reasoning writing Arabic numerals in Indonesian words uses forward chaining. Artificial intelligence designs that mimic naturals intelligence in writing numbers in Indonesian words were made in C using Borland C++ 5.02 software. The experimental results show that by applying the R's rule of seven rules and Z's of twenty-five rules, the R-Z rule-based system can write Arabic numerals in Indonesian words from Arabic numerals "0" to Arabic numerals "9999999". For example, to write the Arabic number "10" in Indonesian words, the R-Z rule-based system starts with the R2 rule. Rule R2 takes action on Z3 to create new facts about Arabic numerals in the Indonesian word, namely "SEPULUH."






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